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About...Ellen Gifford

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  • Founder of The Learning Path, Ellen is an experienced inter-personal skills trainer and public speaker who combines business skills with NLP training.
  • Ellen has a strong business background with over 20 years' experience in management, training, sales and marketing.
  • She brings her NLP focus to areas of expertise including management training, teamwork, leadership, sales and marketing and personal growth.
  • Her pragmatic style of NLP training focuses on assessing needs, determining goals and facilitating their rapid achievement.
  • She actively involves students to help them achieve maximum results and sustain life-changing behaviour in their professional and personal lives.

My learning path

I left school with very few qualifications and have gained most of my education and qualifications since leaving. I've done a lot of work in 'change management', although nobody called it that back then. It was tough and most people took the approach of 'how are we going to make people do it?' I believe having a difficult start in life gave me an understanding that there were more beneficial ways of encouraging and influencing change. I understand that everyone is different. In my work, I'm aware of my very strong sense of fairness, equality and justice, which is why I believe passionately in NLP as a set of tools that can help people move on and get on with their work and lives. We hear people describe what we do as 'soft skills training'. We show people the choices they have to adapt their behavior and attain specific business goals. To my mind, the personal development work we do is anything but soft and the tools we use have a hard business focus as well as a strong personal edge."

My clients' learning paths

My negotiation, interviewing and coaching skills have sky-rocketed, it's even improved my relationships with my wife and children! Attend the course at the risk of making serious improvements to your life.
Glenn Devey - Automotive Manager (Major Car Manufacturer)

"Ellen's training always goes down a storm. We get requests for her to return each year, both here in the UK and our overseas conferences."
Elaine Duckmanton - Conference Organiser - Ascnet International Conferences

"Probably the best course I have ever attended. Ellen is a superb trainer."
Angela Ballard - Warwickshire County Council

"We found her training to be both well structured and paced at a level suitable to the participants. Ellen is very good at engaging participants and she continually ensures that each person is gaining from the programme."
Lucy Curzon - Assistant Manager - Penderels Trust

"Ellen is professional, extremely personable and approachable. She understands the needs of the clients and delivers what they want."
Miranda Jules - HR Manager - Eden Brown Recruitment, Training and Consultancy

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