NLP for Personal Excellence Practitioner

larger-group-training-small-image-150x150The NLP Personal Excellence Practitioner is a beginners’ five day experiential course. It covers a wide-range of areas to develop communication and influencing skills, learn how to avoid conflict and improve management techniques. The skills and techniques are suitable for people at all levels.
 “Having had an interest in NLP but slightly puzzled by its identity and the mystery surrounding it, the Learning Path has given me a clear insight into its practice and effectiveness. It has given me more than I expected or hoped to get and I can utilize it straight away in both my personal and professional life. Thank you. Looking forward to Master Practitioner. Becky Powell HR Advisor, Learning & Development – Warwick Castle

Increase your knowledge and understanding of how NLP can be used for all learning and change processes

  • Gain an awareness of how people communicate and mis-communicate
  • Recognise systemic influences on personal and organisational effectiveness
  • Learn how to consider complex and divergent problems using simple NLP models
  • Identify where to apply leverage to gain maximum returns from any situation

With its foundation in the study of how successful people speak, act and think, NLP is the ideal tool for team and individual development within business. NLP offers step-by-step procedures for developing communication skills, self-awareness and personal development. Our workshops are delivered in small groups in a relaxed environment and designed to encourage us to be curious about why and how we do the things we do.

Subjects covered include:Personal Excellence at Marlborough College

  • Recognising our own and others’ channels of communication
  • Powerful techniques for planning and achieving goals
  • Tools to realise your potential
  • How to broaden perceptual positions to defuse conflict
  • Enhance assertiveness and improve negotiation skills
  • Exploring timelines and how to improve our time-management systems
  • Discovering how our greatest successes are achieved when their objectives and goals are aligned with our values
  • Techniques for breaking un-resourceful mind-sets and replacing them with positive ones
  • How to identify, explore and change negative beliefs to achieve your goals
  • Exploring rapport to improve communication skills and enhance relationships

Michael Morgan,
Online Marketing Executive – This Is Media
“Excellent course. Inspiring, Friendly, Open and has
the potential to be life changing”

No previous knowledge of NLP is required before the course and it is ideal for anyone who believes they have an open mind, the willingness to explore new ways of thinking and has a desire to make a difference in the workplace.

Once you have completed this course you can
progress on to the Master Practitioner.

We pride ourselves on only offering training to small groups (maximum of 25 delegates). Our training format and venue allow ample space for breakout exercises both indoors and outside in the private grounds of the Hall. There is plenty of opportunity to get one-to-one attention from the trainers. You will also have the chance to seek your own private space and time away from the group, should you so wish. We will treat you as an individual and endeavour to provide the best training environment for you.

Our trainers are carefully selected to ensure we provide the best combination of both trainers and courses. They all have broad backgrounds outside NLP but are all highly qualified and experienced in delivering NLP training. Providing expert NLP training based on a common sense’ and realistic approach.

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The Learning Path

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