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Sample One Day Course Outline for Excel Intermediate

Course Objectives
For existing spreadsheet users that are mainly creating multiple page documents with a requirement for more advanced formulae and functions

- what is a function - using the IF function, nesting IF functions,
- using the paste function button Conditional Formatting
- linking worksheets within a workbook Using financial functions
- setting up related worksheets - using the PMT function, using the FV function
- moving the cell pointer from one worksheet to another Using absolute cell references
- copying data from one worksheet to another, editing data
- entering an absolute column and row reference in a formula
- entering a formula to link related worksheets
- entering an absolute column or row reference in a formula
- formatting and printing multiple worksheets in one operation Analyzing data
- consolidating - using the goal seek feature
- linking multiple workbooks Using the scenario manager
- entering a formula to link multiple workbooks - creating and displaying scenarios
- creating a workspace Using Excel's drawing tools
- customizing Excel - drawing two and three-dimensional objects
- creating a template, modifying the default template style Creating a custom toolbar
- basing a new workbook on a custom template - creating a new toolbar
- creating and displaying a view, outlining a worksheet - adding a button to a toolbar
- using the AND + OR functions Hiding Columns and sheets

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