Locations were training takes place
Solihull Chamber of Commerce http://www.solihull-chamber.com/
Coventry Chamber of Commerce http://www.cw-chamber.co.uk/chamber/index.asp

Learn 4 Life - Wordsley - Stourbridge

Learn 4 Life's Hearts and Minds Course



Training Changes - Bristol http://www.trainingchanges-bristol.co.uk/
CWT in Coventry
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Central NLP - Associate Trainer - Runs a practice group in Worcester http://www.centralnlp.co.uk/practice.asp http://www.centralnlp.co.uk/courses.asp
BusinessBalls is an excellent site. A free website for online articles, materials, and resources for innovation and the ethical development of people, business and organizations www.businessballs.com
Oak Training - provider of most of the Learning Paths manuals http://www.oaktraining.com

I started my NLP journey with Reg Connolly at Pegasus. He runs an Activity-based course with outdoor challenges. He is an excellent trainer and the couse I attended was really good.

Pegasus NLP Training
An artist currently based in the Midlands. Her work is non-traditional in its execution and takes form as both sculpture and installation. A lot of her work is inspired by thoughts and words drawing on what is perceived and subsequently understood.


NLP Weekly - Free online magazine featuring articles and techniques about the practical uses of Hypnosis and NLP. http://www.nlpweekly.com

Mindworks Technologies - Bob Spour

Bob is a Licenced NLP Training Specialist, member of the Association of Professional Hypnotherapists & Psychotherapists, member of the Professional Organisation of Stage Hypnosis, a highly qualified Martial Arts Instructor, ex Special Forces Instructor and holds a degree in Drama and Theatre Arts.

Bob has extensive experience working, with, individuals and groups in a variety of settings as diverse as sales, military training, drama workshops, the comedy circuit in London and martial arts and self protection training nationally. He also works with individual clients over a wide range of personal and professional development issues. He recently appeared on the Channel 4 programme demonstrating some of the techniques of NLP in the context of fear management.

Such is the demand for quality trainings in outdoor skills we now have a website devoted entirely to Survival. www.sassurvival.co.uk

Mindworks Technologies

The Learning Path
Telephone : 01527 585310
email : webmail@thelearningpath.co.uk

Delivering NLP and Soft Skills incorporating N.L.P. techniques, in house or scheduled
courses in and around the West Midlands, Warwickshire and Worcester area.