NLP Business Practitioner Certification

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Most NLP Business Practitioner Certification courses are either 20 days long or they are shorter because accelerate learning techniques are implemented. Many of the techniques they cover are mainly used in Therapy, Teaching and Healing, and have little relevance to Business.

Ours is different!

We teach you only the business related NLP techniques, Using business related exercises and scenarios . This enables us to deliver a stimulating 7 day business focused event.The first 3 days can be taken as a Diploma course. See Sceduled Courses for Prices and Dates.

Full Course Outline

NLP can develop peak performance in any area. It's a motivating tool. It's a management tool. It's a sales tool. It's effective. People really feel - and behave - differently when they use the techniques. It removes people's anxieties. It generates great new self-confidence. I've seen some remarkable changes in all kinds of people and business environments.

We all know there's usually more than one way of approaching a problem. But most of us typically revert to conventional ways of thinking - and that's not always best.
This practical training encourages everyone to look at problems and opportunities from new and innovative angles. In no time, you'll get your teams exploring how they can work together in more productive and creative ways.

These problem-solving techniques can be applied to daily decision-making in any organisation. They can also provide useful tools for project teams and anyone involved with product and service innovations.

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Course Duration - Seven Days - £1,395 ex VAT

This course can be delivered at your site or we can hire a training room
local to your organisation.

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NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) originated from research into how highly successful people achieve their results. It is now recognised that NLP is one of the most effective means of developing both ourselves and others. Many progressive organisations have already utilised Neuro-Linguistic Programming training techniques to enhance their Sales, Management and Leadership qualities. Our trainers are not only qualified NLP Practitioners but also have a background in Management. So, you can benefit by either undertaking NLP specific courses or benefit from NLP techniques being used in all of our courses.

NLP courses available : Introduction to NLP,

NLP for Business Excellence and Hearts and Minds.