NLP Business Practitioner
Suitable for both personal development and business applications

Wouldn't it be great if you were consistently motivated, consistently excellent at everything you do – setting and achieving goals, building great rapport, being a great leader or team player? Able to influence people without conflict. It’s possible with Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) training. You have the resources you need within you; NLP training will help you understand how to access them and think in new and interesting ways to release your full potential.

Who should attend?

Anyone who believes they have an open mind, and the willingness to explore new ways of thinking and a sense of fun. People who want to achieve personal excellence and would like to be more creative, a better communicator, have improved problem-solving skills, and better at having more of what they want from life.

Entry Requirements

None. Please inform us at the time of booking if you have any special needs or requirements


The course is a six day course.


£1,145 + VAT (£895 + VAT if self funding - payable in three installments, over three months. e.g. 1/3 on booking, 1/3 on first day and final payment on day four)


You will learn the classic patterns and techniques of NLP:, Problem Solving, Negotiations, Persuasion, Goal setting, creative Thinking, Time Management, Presentations, Change Management, Leadership, Training, Sales, Teambuilding all areas are covered using the highly powerful and ever pragmatic technology that is NLP.

The Basic Assumptions of The NLP Model: You will learn the principles and attitudes elicited from some of the most successful communicators in the world.

Well formed Directions in Business and Life: We will teach you how to align your values and integrate your goals so as to create that work life balance which makes for less stress and more happiness.

Understanding Language and Behaviour: You will learn key distinctions in your language and behaviour that can make enormous differences in your own and others performance.

Representational Systems: You will learn how to identify and align with the preferred channels of representation of your colleagues so that your levels of persuasion and influence can be dramatically improved!

Anchoring: Find out how to make yourself and others radiate with confidence before that all important presentation, phone call or meeting.

Problem Solving: You will be challenged to solve many of your problems in the most unconventional and unusual ways and your success will undoubtedly change the way you approach problem solving forever!

Rapport : You will understand when Rapport is important or even whether it is important in securing that deal or improving that relationship.

Meta-Model: How many times have you been on the receiving end or even the giver of mis-information? Discover the questions designed to reveal the deeper meaning of what a person is thinking.

Milton Model: Promote your credibility by learning how to ‘to get into the mind of your client’.

Business Coaching: Learn how to use the tools and applications to help you get the best out of yourself and those that you work with.

Strategies of Excellence: Attend this course and you will be able to unveil the specific ingredients that you and others use to make better decisions, create more powerful feelings, get motivated and you will be able to replicate these processes!

Please check Scheduled Courses for course dates and locations.