Principal Trainers

Ellen Gifford
Ellen is an experience Soft Skills Training and a Certified Practitioner in NLP, utilizing a style of training which actively involves the collaboration of students to help them achieve maximum results and sustain life-changing behavior in both their professional and personal lives.

Her areas of expertise include:
• NLP in
o management training
o teamwork
o leadership
o sales and marketing
o personal growth

Ellen brings a wealth of experience and credentials to her training:
• She has a strong background in business with over 20 years experience in corporate environments in management, training, sales and marketing.
• She also delivers training courses to health and education organizations.

Ellen combines her business skills with her NLP training. Her focus is on assessing needs, determining goals and facilitating their rapid achievement.

Testimonials from clients and Students

Miranda Jules - HR Manager - Eden Brown Recruitment, Training and Consultancy

"Ellen is Professional, extremely personable and approachable. She understands the needs of the clients and delivers what they want"

Lucy Curzon - Assistant Manager - Penderels Trust

"We found her training to be both well structured and paced at a level suitable to the participants. Ellen is very good at engaging participants and she continually ensures that each person is gaining from the programme"