Feedback from students from the Public Sector

Feedback from students from the Private Sector

“The advanced communication course helped us talk through the difficult situations we experience and how we could handle things differently. Interactive activities were a good way of sharing how the techniques learnt can be applied to the scenarios we face everyday” Dave Powers, Supervisor, West Mids Police 999 Call Centre Team

“The Course was an extremely positive experience which surpassed my expectations. I was surprised how much I learnt. I now know I have amazing potential. I am delighted with the outcomes.”- Alison Wynne, Head of Planning, South Staffordshire Primary Care Trust

“A powerful course, I will certainly be recommending the course to colleagues.” Andrew Watkins, Learning and Development Consultant, Coventry University.

“Probably the best course I have ever attended. Ellen is a superb trainer.”Angela Ballard - Warwickshire County Council

“I count myself as extremely fortunate to have been trained by Ellen and her colleagues employed within the Learning Path. The development opportunity the NLP training created for me has not only been value for money for my organisation but has enhanced my own personal skills to an extent that I can only equate to life changing. I undertook the NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses with the Learning path which has created ability for me to provide opportunities for leadership development within my own organisation.

The opportunity has also inspired me to personally develop myself as a trainer and life coach. I believe that these opportunities would not have been possible without the investment with the Learning Path. I am aware that that there are alternative providers of NLP in the market but Ellen and the Learning path are guaranteed to provide value for money training and also give the necessary confidence to be able to practically use the learning in everyday life.

The training modules are designed to be both fun and creative which can only inspire and encourage the learner. I can honestly say there were no dissatisfied customers on the courses that I attended. I firmly wish both Ellen and her colleague’s every success in the future as they deserve a high recommendation.” Peter Turner Senior HR Manager and Lead for Equalities – Heart of Birmingham Teaching Primary Care Trust

“I booked an NLP For Business Excellence course, delivered by Ellen, the founder and lead trainer of The Learning Path. Her delivery style made the subject easy to understand, and enabled me to consolidate it with other professional courses I have attended. The course gave me a richer understanding of myself and human nature. It helped me understand in a much clearer way than ever before about why certain strategies that I had learned on other courses, worked in mediation and negotiation. I found the subject really interesting and went on to attend another four day course, again with The Learning Path. I now use the techniques on a daily basis and have adopted them almost as an unconscious competence. The Learning Paths training is excellent and the centre at Bordesley Hall is first class.”  Nick Hughes  Serving Police Sergeant

“Entertaining delivery, made the day enjoyable as well as personally insightful.” Dr Jackie Sturt, Associate Professor, Warwick University Medical School

“Provided personal insight via the NLP exercises used and also lifted some of the “fog” around NLP.” Geoff Giblin, Human Resources,Walsall Council

The course has provided ‘light bulb’ moments and benefits which could never be articulated, that will provide me with so many ways to enjoy life and work to a greater extent! Debbie Hatton, Regional Strategy Advisor, Construction Skills Council

The course was made enjoyable for me by the fascinating content and great environment, which was very stimulating. The course gives you the tools to unlock some great resources. Personally I rate this as the best course I have come on to date and will be booking onto the Master Practitioner course. Thank you for a great experience. – Martin Callus – Human Resources Manager – Heart of Birmingham Teaching Primary Care Trust

The course was inspirational, very informative and set at a great pace with an excellent trainer who was able to engage the audience. Great course. – Michaela Phillips, HR Manager, - West Midlands Police.

A truly inspiring and motivating Course, on a fascinating subject. This course has imported and embedded a huge amount of knowledge in just 6 days and set me up with numerous techniques to use personally at home and at work. I really looking forward to applying them. Thank you for the opportunity.” – Paul Jefferson – (Workforce Modernisation Manager, – Wakefield PCT)

I was surprised at how much we were able to use the great grounds at Bordesley Hall. The course taught me so much I am not sure u can capture it all on a feedback form. – Janet Biard (Head of Financial services, Gloucester Hospital Trust)

“The course and the principles are extremely useful and I would be very interested in increasing my skills further through NLP. –  Pete Turner – Heart of Birmingham Teaching Primary Care Trust

“I really liked the venue, it was great to be able to work outside in such lovely surroundings.” Anne Cowley, Occupational Therapy Services Manager, Notts University Hospital

“We found her training to be both well structured and paced at a level suitable to the participants. Ellen is very good at engaging participants and she continually ensures that each person is gaining from the programme. - Lucy Curzon – Assistant Manager – Penderels Trust

“This Course was held in an excellent training environment. I have benefited from attending the course as I have gained tools and processes to use in all aspects of my life.” – Sue Bridgwater, Bariatric Dietitian Specialist, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital.

“It was a great learning experience for me. I am now able to start evaluating my own actions.” – Patricia Hoskins, Journalist, BBC

“The Practitioner Course has been inspiring, fun and very informative. The expert trainers really bring the subject to life. I would recommend the course to anyone. EXCELLENT STUFF!” – Esther Patrick, Training Facilitator, Loughborough College.

“This was truly helpful, inspirational course, I now have so many more resources at my disposal. It was also extremely enjoyable.” – Sheila Finn - Team manager, Primary Care Mental Health at Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust.

“If the course taught me one thing, it was not to be too hasty in dismissing different methods of learning, and that anyone can succeed if they really want to. The word ‘CAN’T’ will no longer be in my vocabulary, but has been replaced with ‘I CAN’ Thank you” Tina Haskins – LSC Coventry

“It was self revelation throughout. Excellent coaching and guidance and a great openness and trust amongst delegates and trainers. It is something everyone should have the chance to do!” – Caroline Gee – NW Educational Manager

“I have really enjoyed having time to think about yourself, what makes me tick and what techniques I can apply to getting my dream! Something that has surprised me; that there are no boundaries if I truly believe in myself. Bordesley Hall is in a beautiful location appropriate for the NLP exercises. The training room was nice and relaxing, lunch has been superb and the staff very friendly, warm and welcoming. – Bal Jacob – Warwickshire Police - Manager

“I found learning about NLP interesting and it has sparked an interest in wanting to find out more about why it works.” Vera Jevremovic -  West Midlands Police HR

Thoroughly enjoyed doing the hands on approach and realizing the power that can be gained from NLP. A very valuable experience, time well spent. Ellen is an excellent trainer who makes people quickly feel at home. Resham Gill – Birmingham and Solihull Learning and Standards Council

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