Qualifications & Accreditations

In the world of NLP training, there is no official government or legal affiliation or certification standard, no official course content, duration of training or levels of competency (this applies within the UK and outside). NLP is an unregulated field and currently there are no governmental guidelines in terms of regulation, certification, standardisation or affiliation.

If you have already done a search for NLP training you may have noticed what a confusing industry it can be. You may find anything from a 5 day Practitioner course to 20 day Practitioner course. I really wish that the following words would make it less confusing for you, but the truth is it will only explain why it’s confusing.

As things stand, anyone can deliver a course and call it a Practitioner and anyone can set up an organisation accrediting NLP training.

At the time of writing this and as far as we know all NLP accrediting organisations are either offering NLP training courses themselves or are owned by NLP Trainers, who also offer NLP training courses from a company in a different name.

The only exception that we are aware of is ANLP who are a *Community Interest Company and they do not offer any NLP Training courses themselves.

This doesn’t necessarily mean any NLP organisations are good or bad organisations or trainers, but it does mean that NLP accreditation is different to most other accreditation like City and Guilds for example.

So why have we at The Learning Path aligned ourselves with ANLP and INLPTA?

ANLP because of their impartial position (non-biased simply because they do not offer their own NLP training) Our Business Trainers are members of ANLP

INLPTA is an international Association. They are present in more than 20 countries and have coordinators in 14 countries including USA, Great Britain, Germany, Netherlands and France. Our Diploma and Practitioner courses are accredited by INLPTA

Business NLP Accreditation – Most accrediting organisations have a set syllabus which would require us to deliver training in Hypnosis/Trance work and phobia cure. We are not comfortable about delivering these subjects to a business audience, so unless requested we do not accredit our Business Practitioner courses. Our Business Trainers are members of ANLP


Which certifying body an NLP school is affiliated with on many occasions means very little. However, the way the NLP organisations behave and communicate to you can indicate whether you would want to associate with them.

Some great questions to ask to ensure it’s the learning experience that both suits you and you are expecting include;

  • What is the group size? (the industry offers courses from 6 to 2000 in group size)
  • Is there any pre learning to do before you start the classroom training? (often you will be asked to study/listen to CDs for many hours before attending)
  • If you are training as a therapist, will the NLP qualification be sufficient to get you insurance as a therapist?
  • If you are training in Business NLP does the trainer have plenty of hands on Business experience?
  • Ask what qualifications and experience the NLP trainer has.

Some great things to do before you attend a course include;

  • Attend any free sessions they may offer to get an impression of the company.
  • Ask to speak to the trainer who is delivering the course
  • Ask for details of people who have attended the course and make contact with them

*ANLP is a Community Interest Company which benefits the community, rather than the individuals who own, run or work in them and their profits are Asset Locked.

We pride ourselves on only offering training to small groups (maximum of 15 delegates). Our training format and venue allow ample space for breakout exercises both indoors and outside in the private grounds of the Hall. There is plenty of opportunity to get one-to-one attention from the trainers. You will also have the chance to seek your own private space and time away from the group, should you so wish. We will treat you as an individual and endeavour to provide the best training environment for you.

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